By Diego Nascimento

Today’s article is just to get something off my chest: I’m tired of the fact that some people see professionalism as a theory and not a basic necessity in the workplace. I’m tired of seeing being proactive replaced by ease on small, medium or large scales. It is sad that in this information age there are uninformed people who deal with customer service. I’m tired of the prerequisite indifference for those who need it most. I’m tired of seeing situations where thecustomer is explicitly disrespected. Well, I confess that this list is long, but this seemingly pessimistic scenario has alight at the end of the tunnel:  these types of reports inspire professionals like you and me to encourage training, to extend a hand to teamwork and make creativity and motivation our daily companions. Businessman Abílio Diniz once said: “My values are humility, determination and valor, discipline and emotional balance. I think the entrepreneur as much as anyone should combat the opposite of these.” His career demands smart choices, where ethics are an important ingredient. Invest in yourself! Time is flying …

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