By Diego Nascimento

I have a habit of saying that the word Communication is in my DNA sequence. In the last fifteen years I have studied various segments of this vast science. One of them deals with customer interaction through e-mail. A well-written e-mail is capable of offering unimaginable opportunities. With this in mind, I will offer five tips for success to be a defining feature when using this tool.

What comes before @:  I always get resumes with nicknames before @. Do not do this. Derogatory or superficial words impoverish your image and are outside the bounds of good practices of Personal Marketing. I suggest you use your first and last name and, in the case of companies, a short, easy-to-remember sequence.

Title: Be objective. Depending on what you enter in the Subject field, your message will be a priority or “something for later.”

Spelling/grammar: Always correct. It does not matter if the recipient is your brother or your boss. Remember that reading is the only exercise to perfect your writing.

Signature: Enter your full name, email address and phone number (preferably a working number). In the corporate world, the ease of responding is more than necessary for the “closure” of the deal.

And now last but not least:

 Respond to your emails. Let it be a “confirmed, received …” Don’t leave the sender in suspense to know if the message has arrived correctly. Information traffic on the network is very high and, believe me, congestion and detours can happen. Moreover, the response to e-mail is a clear example of respect even if it results in a face-to-face conversation.

Make a difference! Be aware of the small details!

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