By Diego Nascimento

Last week I went to the grocery store to buy some items. Walking through the aisles I was startled by two things: the first was the price of the goods, which showed in a practical way the brazilian economic instability. The second was an easy display of bad manners and complete lack of leadership. This is how it happened:  I was comparing the price of popcorn packages (like traditional packages prepared without the use of a microwave), when I saw the silhouette of a woman next to me. Just a few meters away a store employee was organizing the products on the shelves, and when I looked into her eyes I began hearing a coarse conversation. In a few seconds I realized they both already knew each other (they worked in the same grocery store but in different areas) and for whatever reason they decided to have this conversation right there. This vulgar conversation came to an abrupt end when they became aware of my presence.

In an instant I realized something that I want to share with you:

• Appropriateness:  Rain or shine your workplace is not your bedroom. Sensitive issues are (or should be) discussed away from the professional environment.  As much as one might think they have control over the situation, it is not worth the risk.

This appalling story shows that, in fact, many companies, regardless of size, are still home to people who forget the limits. At the same time, these things cause real harm, and many can “save themselves” from behavior like this.  That’s why I continue my journey giving lectures and courses. Transforming the status quo of a professional life for the better is priceless.

I would like to finish this article quoting Zig Ziglar, author of Self-Motivation, High Performance: “Optimists are full of passion. They believe they are on this earth because of a purpose and have no intention of stopping until that purpose is fulfilled. The attitudes of optimists are positive. Their perspective is of eternity, and the enthusiasm they show is contagious!

To infinity and beyond!

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