by Diego Nascimento

21st century.  The economy rises and falls. Some companies are hiring and others are letting people go. There are honest people and dishonest people. You can count the number of dedicated professionals on your fingers.  Sympathy is losing ground to a cold spirit.

Decency is being exchanged for immorality. Convenience is seen as normal. A good read is left for later.  I wish it was different.

Can you imagine if you had said yes to that possible job? Or if you preferred to stay working where you are? If you hadn’t taken that trip?  If you could know when silence is the best answer?  If you could leave your timidity behind when a small change would bring a new perspective to your life?  How many assumptions, how many questions?

There is a saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”  I’ve heard it said and I will reiterate:  There are exceptions.  There is still time to fix things.  You just need encouragement. I remember as a child I watched the movie Back to the Future. In it a crazy scientist and a teenager traveled back in time to fix some things. After many challenges and risks the two of them returned to the present and breathed a sigh of relief.

This is exactly what I was thinking…reality is very different from fiction. When I talk about things needing to be different, I am not just thinking about a professional worklife. It involves every area of a life. I know that some things involve risks but some things require wisdom. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.  Live in God’s perspective.

Greetings, businessmen and women.

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