By Diego Nascimento

I have made several observations concerning LIFE and CAREERS. There are people who care more about the TITLE of the position they hold than they do about offering SOLUTIONS for the many challenges within the company as well as outside of the company.  A PROMOTION is a result of concentrated effort and dedication by an employee on behalf of the institution. Just thinking “I have been promoted” does not justify authoritarian attitudes with regard to a coworker or other departments.  Your new OPPORTUNITY needs to be in the way of wise actions, along with RESPECT, PRO-ACTIVITY and knowing “how to listen”. According to the author David Wong, “the higher the position that an individual holds, the greater the number of people who will suffer as a consequence of his/her actions.” In other words: Strategic positions should be synonymous with INNOVATION, effort and understanding. Precipitated decisions can affect your TEAM immediately, as well as in the short and long-term. Invest in your career and remember that your name is your BRAND.

Reflect:  Solutions. Promotion. Team. Brand.

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