by Diego Nascimento

Today I’ll talk about another familiar dilemma:  my father received his bank statement in the mail. As usual, he decided to double check it and realized there was a charge for services not rendered.  I offered to help and, to our surprise, the financial institution wascharging a service fee that, at first, had not been requested. After a long and profound exercise of patience on the toll-free number for customer service, we found out that during a visit to the bank branch, my father was the target of the famous “two for one sale,” ie, in seeking out one service, he had “hired” a second, unknowingly.

What was the result?  My family’s trust in relation to this bank was affected, and my father lost his confidence. As a student ofCorporate Communications imagine how many situations like this are repeated daily. There is no marketing campaign that can repair the emotional damage to a company about a client. I often say that the highest percentage in the graphs of winning the customer is due to respect and transparency.

Maybe you are thinking that it happens all over the place, but believe me:  there is still a lot of serious people in the marketplace, andthis type of action needs to be taught and duplicated. When a client seeks any product or service, he is hoping for help and not unpleasant surprises.

In the book Making Decisions, from the Harvard Business Essentials Collection, the writer Richard Luecke says: “Every decisioninvolves a journey through hazy stretches of uncertainty because decisions deal with the future, a story that has not yet been written and for which there is no information.” A complementary Bible verse: “Be careful to what is right in the eyes of everyone.” Romans12:17.

Continue being a professional known for your transparency.  This character trait is worth a lot!

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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