by Diego Nascimento

The institution I work for is going through a process of internationalization. Beyond having a second language, something that is mandatory in this stage, I have clearly perceived that in the organizational context this has become a broader need for the whole team. In this way making decisions more and more intensely based on punctuality, discipline and focus is already reality.

Continually I have given lectures and written guidelines reinforcing the importance of fine tuning. A change at this level (such as the internationalization), which involves an exchange between two cultures, is something new to some. My great reward is to be a part of this historic moment and witness dailythe involvement and dedication of all employees to each project phase, and this goes for the most experienced to the least.

I often think how sad is the life of a person who interacts with changes, innovation and anticipates trends, but would prefer to stay in the sameness and comfortableness with the justification of a simple life. I disagree with that way of thinking. Simplicity is not synonymous with being stagnate or freezing of ideas. This beautiful word is associated with a desire to grow, develop and refine skills.

I often say that some opportunities come knocking at the door; other we create. There are people who just watch life pass by and others who want to be apart of historyI prefer the second team…and what about you?

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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