by Diego Nascimento

From childhood we have the perception of people who we think are friendly or who fall in the category of “stay away from me.”  Either side influences teamwork greatly.  Conversation and understanding are very important when we want to build relationships inside and outside of the professional world. Thinking about this, I will give you a list of five ways to drive people away:

  1.   Be individualistic and authoritarian:  keep thinking you are all you need.
    2.   Be a friend of pride; after all, you would never need help on projects or challenges.
    3.   Do not greet anyone; politeness is for chumps.
    4.   Help only when it is convenient: sincerity is a thing of the past.
    5.   Put your trust in what you have, not in who you are.

This list is alarming but very common nowadays. Unfortunately, you may encounter people who fit into all of these mindsets. So sad. But the good news is that there are people who are far from it and are a source of inspiration.  It’s all a matter of choice.

I will close this brief reflection with the following question:  Do you attract or repel people?  Recruiters evaluate this aspect very carefully and may be decisive in the selection process in regards to promotions or even continued employment.  Think about it!

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