by Diego Nascimento

Since the emergence of social networks I have had the chance to study this phenomenon of the digital age. Orkut (does anyone still go on?), LinkedIn, Twitter and many others form a web of world connection.  But today I want to draw your attention to Facebook: a fantastic creation, able to find that friend or relative out of your life for so long, challenging the brilliant minds of digital marketing and literallyredefining the concept of distance. In many professions Facebook is a necessary tool or even a requirement for some activities.  On the other hand, there is the group that uses Facebook just for entertainment. This is where danger lies. Few people know that many recruiters or even your customers look at your lifestyle through this social network. Be careful with your posts, photos and other images shared. I know people who say: “My life is an open book”. In the corporate world this phrase is not worthwhile. Keep in mind that certain matters relate only to you or your family, not having any need to share them with the whole world. Another aspect is about when you access Facebook: some companies establish a set time for reading news or accessing social networks, however, be aware of this tool: while you are reading posts (at the improper time) that client could be at the counter or even on the phone waiting for you to take his call.  How about if we focus our efforts on the correct and prudent use of social networks? I have to come back to a traditional phrase that I repeat in all of my lectures: Your name is your brand! Invest in your career!

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