By Diego Nascimento

Have you ever met a coworker who spends more time complaining about the company instead of CONTRIBUITING to the goals of the team? Usually this kind of ATTITUDE can discourage other coworkers and creates a mistaken IDEAabout the corporate image. In many cases, the complaint expressed  by the employee is not always reality.  One of the characteristics of entrepreneurs is they identify opportunities and stay away from the “whining team.”  Professor Reinaldo Polito, in one of his articles, cites a conclusion after a conversation between professionals from different sectors.  He says, “Almost always the qualified professionals are hired for their development potential, but they are fired for their behavior.  Factors such as punctuality, respect and commitment determine whether professionals remain in a company or are fired, whether they become stagnant or are promoted.” Be optimistic! Try to visualize solutions to the daily business challenges.   And you?  Which team are you on? Think about it!

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