By Diego Nascimento

Perhaps you might ask yourself:  Is it possible to work every day with a good attitude, even though you encounter challenges in life outside of the workplace?  I know that this is a difficult question to respond to, but we need to understand that there are LIMITS.  Family misunderstandings, fights with loved ones and other situations can leave you unmotivated in your professional daily life.  I know people who can handle this type of thing really well, but on the other hand there are individuals who “carry the load of irritation” to the office, out in the field, at a lecture, in a sales meeting or other events in your day-to-day life.  The result?  Lack of empathy, gossip, plots and schemes, and client dissatisfaction.  It’s clear that emotions are a part of our HISTORY; after all, we are human.  In my JOURNEY, I have seen how outward circumstances influence the course of work activities.  For this reason, I would suggest that you analyze your attitudes and try to determine if there is any connection between your personal challenges and your duties at your company.  In one of his articles, Professor Reinaldo Polito said: “Know everything you can know about the technical aspects of your job, but don’t forget to take into account one of the most relevant factors – behavior.”   I agree that “each case is different”; as that is the case, TALK with someone whom you trust and ask for GUIDANCE.  Some employers already have professionals who are prepared for this type of situation, ready to help.  Therefore, invest in your CAREER and enjoy the good moments of your life.

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