by Diego Nascimento

You must be thinking that I was insulted by someone, right? On the contrary; today’s topic suggests an analysis of the importance of education at different times in your life:  childhood, youth and adulthood.

When is it time to stop learning?  Never!  I have the habit of saying in lectures or during college classes that education is a constant.  Imagine bicycle wheels turning; it is virtually impossible to tell the beginning from the end. This is the way we need to view the quest for knowledge.

You may be reading this article through a cell phone, tablet or personal computer. These devices are means that can easily facilitate the access to knowledge. The theorists call this education by way of technology. Access to articles, books, and videos has become instantaneous and, in most cases, free.

I know of an educator who devoted half his life to teaching and transmitting moral and ethical values. He died at 90 years old without a fortune but achieved his greatest treasure:  an educational legacy known throughout Brazil and abroad.

Want to complete basic education? Take steps towards graduation? Go for that MBA, master’s or doctorate? Do it now! The clock is ticking … Invest in yourself!

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  1. Hi Diego
    Its Jonas. 🙂
    So I looked up your page and I am reading a lot. Its really interesting and i apreciate the style of your writing. Keep on doing this its so cool 🙂
    God bless you

    1. Hi Jonas,
      How are you doing?

      Thank you sharing your opinion about the page. Feel free to send tips and to share it with your friends.

      God bless your Easter.

      How are the things going at the Orphanage?

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