by Diego Nascimento

Dreaming is a verb practiced by billions of minds around the world and involves many different areas of life, including the workplace.  Who has never dreamed of working for a particular company or even achieving a long sought after job? It is from this perspective that we will consider this today. The realization of a professional dream involves focus, planning, dedication and patience. The focus consists of a comprehensive vision.  Planning for this requires establishing goals in order to achieve these milestones through study along with wisdom.  This dedication is literally “wearing the team jersey,” always remembering that there are limits to your physical and mental health. Finally, we have patience:  it is with anxiety that we walk on Earth and sometimes even with fear.  Understand that many of the big success stories involving professionals and companies began with a simple dream.  Are there opportunities that are knocking at the door? Others may be created through entrepreneurial initiatives, knowingly and honestly. And you? Have you been dreaming with your feet on the ground? Invest in your career!

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