by Diego Nascimento

The UOL portal released a recent study done by a specialized consulting firm iStrategy which found a decrease in the number of Internet users who use Facebook in the United States. From 2011 to 2014more than 3 million people left this tool.  A good portion of this audience migrated to other networks like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Who would have thought, right? While the goal of the study was just the analysis of age group of users, we can understand that from a company standpoint everything has its time.

Our career follows the same line. I know people who prefer to remain stagnant in the knowledge and practice of some activities when, in fact, they should be on the cutting edge of what they do. We live in the information age, but we can find people totally uninformed about technology.  And the worst:  it’s by choice. The investment in a career, regardless of how long you hold this job, is mandatory. The offer of books, manuals, courses and lectures in various areas is constantly increasing.  How about we take advantage of these?

I admire those seeking professional growth through persistence, grit, heartiness, harmony and staying on the cutting edge of knowledgeTransformations are daily and, therefore, we need to be tuned in to anticipating trends. It is from this perspective that I conclude this article with a tip:  Don’t fall behind!

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