by Diego Nascimento

Imagine the following situation:  you’re in charge of a team and you receive a very important mission. The task requires extra dedication, and you cannot reach your goals without the help of your co-workers, but at the same time you are committed to another event outside the office. Herein lies that terrible question: Will everything get done while I’m gone?”

I bet at least once in your life you have wondered this, isn’t it true? Talking with a friend I heard a very interesting term about this scenario:  the absence syndrome. That’s when you need to delegate tasks but do not have enough trust in them.  It becomes like an annoying fly in your ear with each job that is done without supervision. I agree that the ship tames the seas under the leadership of a captain, but at times the sailors receiveautonomy to take on some tasks. Acting alone is a part of the formation of new and future leaders.

If you do not have enough trust in someone, think about this:  Is your team well-trained or does delegating tasks need to be reviewed. No one can”keep all the plates spinning in the air” at the same time. Even though some will try, sooner or later some plates will fall.

Today’s report extends not only to the work environment. It can happen at home, at the university or even in entertainment activities. The writerStephen R. Covey in his book The Leader in Me says that “every culture tends to develop a set of traditions.”  I know it’s not easy to break habits,but it may be necessary, especially for your emotional health.

Think about this:  a well-trained staff + dialog = successful mission accomplished!

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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