by Diego Nascimento

Have you heard about sincerity? This word is defined in the Houaiss dictionary as something “that is said or done in an honest manner, free of concealment”. In the workplace it is possible to find people who share ideas or offer instructions to groups or individuals, but, in reality, they are far from practicing the concepts or the rules they have defended (in a positive light).  They are just words and speeches blowing in the wind. The future professional lives out the good character and the example of life outside of the walls of the office and needs to be visible in social relationships, families, etc. .. Unfortunately, there are people who justify their stumbles through the phrase Do what I say, not what I do. This can be a dangerous decision. If your conduct at work combines what is good in values and principles, it will be an example. A verse accredited to the administrator and researcher Peter Druker says, “Don’t just get ready for tomorrow. Seek to discard what no longer has meaning, which is not productive, which does not contribute to your goals.” Maybe it’s time to rethink your attitudes. Invest in your career!

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