By Diego Nascimento

Last weekend I did a series of physical exercises as part of the project “Good Health”.  With the goal of maintaining my form, I decided to change my food menu along with walking and going to the gym.   But it is important to consider that if there is no DISCIPLINE, my project would just “go under”.  Changing subjects, let me ask you:   How is your discipline in the work environment? Have you been accomplishing all of your duties all day long? Are common sense andPUNCTUALITY part of your regimen?  Being proactive, united and sincere are fundamental elements for daily activities; what about adding discipline to your group of VALUES and principles? The book of Proverbs, which embraces precious teachings linked to the managerial world and communication, says that “there is a right time for everything”.  In the same way, make DISCIPLINE your companion and watch how everything becomes much easier in your CAREER!

Reflect:  Discipline.  Punctuality.  Values.  Career.

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