by Diego Nascimento

This week we celebrate Teacher’s Day! I recall the great masters who have been a part of my academic life and were examples of persistenceand honesty. The professional life of one of these was immortalized through several films, one of them played by Sidney Poitier in the filmTo Sir, With Love in 1967. Now think with me, how many people directly or indirectly are involved in your daily life as true teachers? A mother teaches about love through her speech and her attitudes; a father provides the first football lessons to his son; the supervisorpatiently guides the closing of the cash register; the manager assists the coworker in editing an e-mail; the leader wisely ministers words of encouragement … and so the list goes on and on.  For every moment and every situation there is a teacher. From the perspective of the workplace, think about this:  Independent of the position you hold, appreciate the chance to teach someone to do their best. If you prefer to act quietly, fine, but be an example! Your attitudes speak loudly! Whether you have months or years in your professional career, I’m sure you can remember that person who was instrumental in your learning process, right? Even if you do not have the opportunity to thank them, here’s a tip:  Do what they did! Teach, always within the principles of humility and respect.

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