By Diego Nascimento

Some years ago my family bought a cordless phone to replace an old device in our living room.  On the first day, there were complaints about the PERFORMANCE of the equipment, and it was necessary to return the device within the same week.  Although this is considered a normal event in the world of electronics, my family was left with a bad IMPRESSION about the EFFECTIVENESS of the equipment.  In the Houaiss Dictionary, one meaning of the word QUALITY is translated as “superior characteristic or distinctive positive attribute that makes someone or something stand out from others; virtue.”  The most interesting thing is that this is not a trait reserved for products. CUSTOMERS are watching you all the time, wherever you are working.  Your conduct in the organizational environment is capable of transmitting TRUST or DOUBT in a person who seeks it; for example, taking a phone message with accurate and complete information.  Let QUALITY be a mandatory characteristic in yourPROFESSIONAL LIFE.  Create OPPORTUNITIES!

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