By Diego Nascimento

Many times I have written in my articles that posts on social networks can have serious consequences. Whether in your personal life or in the workplace, it’s true that certain posts often tarnish your resume. I would like to list some of the gaffes that give sleepless nights to anyone:

1) Grammatical errors:  The Portuguese language is a challenge, and I know it. But there are people who post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and the list goes on …) words and phrases totally wrong in verb/noun agreement and spelling.  I have to say that this is very sad.

2) “A picture is worth a thousand words”:  In some cases this is true, but you still have to be careful. We are in the “era of the visual,” but that does not mean you have the right to post whatever photos you feel like. Your privacy is included in this statement. Recently I was astonished to see that a couple decided to recreate the “Garden of Eden” and took photos of themselves behind bushes, playing Adam and Eve.  Needless to say, this picture is already one of the gems of the digital world.

3) Read It Before You Send It:  The content of a single flier that in the past took weeks or even months to get to Japan, for example, is reduced in travel time to only a few seconds on a global scale. Pay close attention to what is entered/recorded. After you click “Send,” your career may be at stake because of something done on impulse.

4) Manage your Time:  Your mobile device is no longer just a tool to make calls or exchange SMS. Through it, we pay accounts with banking apps, we work, we stay ahead of traffic, watch movies and so on …. but certain functions do not require an exclusive dedication that force you to stayed “connected” all the time to other people.  I know situations of people who were so wrapped up in it that customer service was left behind or reports that needed to be prepared were left undone while they were distracted browsing on social networks during working hours. There is a time for everything!

5) Lack of Caution:  Posting everything you do throughout the day will not make you more special, neither will the label “plugged into the network.” There is nothing wrong with “sharing,” which many times is healthy, but there are situations that concern only you, your family, and your marriage that do not require an audience.

I could extend the list, but I prefer to keep to these five points. Computers are a blessing; the Internet is also. Social networks are part of my daily life, and by the way, are my work tools. Take joy in sharing happy moments. Linger on posts which call for reflection. The biggest problem is not the cable connection or Wi-Fi, tablet or laptop device; the problem is who is behind the screen. Unfortunately, even in the postmodern era, we find many people intransigent and, as they say, “clueless”.  Run from it. Let us make a difference in a simple way, in a world where the apparent normality has led people to a pace of life where momentary happiness fades in an attitude hangover after being “clueless.”

Proverbs 21:23 says: “
He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” Think about it.

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