By Diego Nascimento

Last month we were surprised by the “Supermoon” phenomenon.   According to the star gazers, as seen from the Earth the star grew in its size and luminosity.  The result was that it came closer to our planet, which occurs every 18 years.  Now, analyzing this example through a professional lens:  As time has passed have you invested in your career, which has allowed you to have an EXPANSION of opportunities and a greater luminosity of the POSITIVE characteristics produced in your daily life?  Don’t act superior, but act as a CATALYST, capable of infusing your environment with MOTIVATION and INTEGRITY.  If you see a way to do things more effectively on your team, communicate that.  If the place where you work needs innovation, plant the ideas of change, having as a basis a managerial dialogue, respecting the chain of command at your workplace.  In the song, Good Earth, composed by the team of Alma and Lua, there is a verse that says:  “I want to be good earth for the seeds to germinate, give good fruit and take the good news….in the paths that I have to walk through, I will leave a trace of light.”   Have you been a sower or harvester of the opportunities in your work environment?  Think on this.

Think about it:   Catalyst.  Growth.  Communicate. Sow.

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