By Diego Nascimento

How is your work schedule this week? According to the Houaiss dictionary, the word commitment can be defined as “more or less a solemn obligation assumed by one or more people; commitment.” I want to remember that commitment goes beyond the usual list of activities on paper or electronically: it covers involvement.  Can’t attend that department meeting? Get in touch with someone who attended and has the information.  Do you have deadlines to meet? Comply with them. Are you facing challenges to deliver the report at the pre-defined time? Ask for help or tell your department leader. Already responded to your e-mails today? There are people waiting for your continuing guidance on a project. I could list thousands of examples about commitment, but I prefer to think about your life. There are situations and circumstances that only you can take the initiative and seek a solution. Do not let apathy be part of your resume.  Be an example!  Your name is your brand!

Consider: Involvement.  Take the initiative.

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