by Diego Nascimento

A few days ago I received a magazine that talked about achieving your dreams. Everyone has at least one dream in life. Bookstores are filled with material that deals with entrepreneurship, investments, courses and so on. But I confess to you that something about this concerns me in this world revolution: the family.

We chase after a lot of things but without analyzing the impact this can have on those around us.  My parents are a great example to me. I always try to walk in a way that the principles and values ​​that I received from them are upheld, whatever the decision that I need to take, in or out of the office. For a married person it is interesting that this mindset also can affect the spouse and children.

I often say that a good professional is shaped by a “perfect 10.” In addition to courses and corporate experiences, the emotional balance is highly valued today. I have some friends who, unfortunately, are so eager to reach the podium in the workplace that they end up hurting their family relationships, and it takes a long time to recoup the main “business of life.”

What is your goal today? Be it a new job, buying a car, a banking investment or a personal decision, take care that your family base is not shaken. My experience has shown that most daily challenges and even missteps happen in “your home,” with those who will be there to smile and cry with you. Have they participated in your dreams, in your journey? Has sincerity has been the foundation of your family life when you decide to invest in a new goal?

A beautiful mind created the following sentence: “No other success in life can compensate for the failure of the family”. If we analyze this deeply, we realize this statement is not just limited to the world of work.  Act prudently. I guarantee that your parents or spouse believes and is betting on you.  Your life is the result of an investment and a lot of sweat. Do not disappoint them, no matter what!

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