by Diego Nascimento

Think back on your day from the moment you woke up. If you decide to rate your actions so far, what would be the result? I have written about the art of dialogue, marketing personnel, quality service, professional ethics, and every day, I realize how there are people that do not add to these from the perspective of doing what is good.

I have the habit of saying in classes and lectures as part of the package of basic principles of life, we need to add to rather than subtract from our relationships, whatever that may be. Perhaps you’re thinking, “How can I accomplish this objective?”The answer is simple: always manage your speech and attitudes. We can add to others through honesty, transparency, timeliness, gentleness, patience and other actions that are gradually becoming just history.

Carefully observe this through customer service at a business. I recently went to a restaurant for dinner. What normally would be a routine undertaking became a more than pleasant night. In addition to the dishes that were delicious, the waiter showed himself to be a friend of good humor and, in addition to great jokes, he sang for the patrons of the place. Without a doubt that restaurant will be my recommendation, and that waiter gets a lot of credit for that.

I will close this text today asking, “How have you contributed to your environment?” There is a Bible verse that says: “A person finds joy in giving an apt reply– and how good is a timely word! Optimistic words and actions are missing today, including in the workplace. Let’s practice this idea!

Want to share experiences?  Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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