Leave it For Next Time

by Diego Nascimento Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… that’s right: the clock is ticking.  For years humanity has been held prisoner to devices that mark time for everything in life.  It could be sand, the sun, corded or battery operated, digital or analog. There’s no way: time just does not stop. What is more intriguing is […]

Where’s Plan B?

by Diego Nascimento I am a great admirer of data collection. Computers have aided in the creation and development of products and services.  I’m totally on board with this!  But on the other hand, all this machinery can have serious consequences for a very important person:  you! Let me explain one of the reasons. My friend […]

Five Ways to Keep People Away from You

by Diego Nascimento From childhood we have the perception of people who we think are friendly or who fall in the category of “stay away from me.”  Either side influences teamwork greatly.  Conversation and understanding are very important when we want to build relationships inside and outside of the professional world. Thinking about this, I […]

30 Years in Ten Tips

by Diego Nascimento In the coming days I will turn 30. I have dedicated half that time to my professional training through education and hard work.  I do not regret it one bit.  On the contrary, I have a lot to be thankful for. I created a kind of imaginary time machine and did a quick retrospective of […]

Good Advice to Grow in Life

by Diego Nascimento Have you had a chance to observe a bird locked in the cage? At first he tries to escape, but over time he gets used to it and becomes dependent on the handler. I know people like that. Even with talent and ideas they would rather stay inside an invisible bubble and […]

Education is Good, and I Approve

by Diego Nascimento You must be thinking that I was insulted by someone, right? On the contrary; today’s topic suggests an analysis of the importance of education at different times in your life:  childhood, youth and adulthood. When is it time to stop learning?  Never!  I have the habit of saying in lectures or during […]

Private or Public Sector?

by Diego Nascimento I am often approached by people asking if, in professional careers, the private sector or the public sector is better. My answer is always the same: make a calculated analysis of the short-term, medium and long-term potential. For certain positions, the private sector has a huge advantage; for other careers, the public […]

Not Even the Flood

by Diego Nascimento Many people know that Brazil has been greatly affect because of the drought touching various cities in the southeast region, endangering availability of basic services such as washing the dishes or taking a bath. Some experts attribute the lack of water to the climate; others focus the blame on the lack of government investment, and a third group supports the sum of these two factors. What would be the result if we decided to compare your professional career to a […]

Truth Above All

by Diego Nascimento I have a habit of saying that professionalism should exist within and outside the company. I have known cases where people have made use of unreal situations, for example, they justify their absence from work, delays or non-compliance with tasks. We must have this mindset: do your best wherever you are. Now, if your job does not draw out this feeling of motivation within you, I suggest you rethinkyour actions or seek out other opportunities. It is awkward to watch employees, whatever the company, transfer […]