My Grandfather and His Name

By Diego Nascimento Personal Marketing is a very serious subject and goes beyond the traditional set of tips about appearance (external) that we learn in courses. Contrary to what you might be thinking about the title of the article, I will not offer a miraculous plan to remove names from the Credit Protection Service (SPC) […]

The Power of a Comma

By Diego Nascimento Last week, as I walked the streets of the city, I was struck by a profound blow of disappointment: near the most traditional center of commerce was a poster promoting a particular product, but that was not the problem. The absence of a comma in the text showed an affront to the […]

Speak the Right Way

By Diego Nascimento My articles are read in Portuguese / English versions in more than thirty countries around the world (Google charts confirm this), and for this reason, I have the task of guiding my readers on various topics. Among them is the correct use of written and spoken language. The fact that I have […]

Are You Good Enough?

By Diego Nascimento Believe me:  I have answered this question a few times and went far beyond “Yes” or “No”.  Arguing is part of my life, and although this title has a masculine noun, this questioning happens to both men and women. Before offering tips on what your position should be, I want to make […]

Why are You Here?

By Diego Nascimento Once a shy little boy tried unsuccessfully to make friends at school. When he found the courage and approached colleagues just to talk, he was left alone in a matter of seconds. That boy knew the reason: “The group was already complete, and they did not need him in it.” Even in […]

How to Interrupt Someone?

By Diego Nascimento “Excuse me, may I interrupt for a moment?” This famous question has already been used by you at some point, and I imagine that the receptivity was not always positive. The experience becomes even more traumatic when this happens during an important presentation at school, college, work and even in churches. Faced […]

It is so Costly, Very Costly

By Diego Nascimento Have you ever stopped to think that communication failures are very costly for you, your neighbor, your family, your business, and all other sectors of society? We make mistakes when writing notes, small messages in WhatsApp, personal texts, work emails, recordings and even advertisements. A recent study has shown that, in the United […]

30 Hours Later

By Diego Nascimento In my childhood I always watched the Unibanco 30 hours commercials and every time the videos were broadcast, I tried to do the math to understand how the company managed to work six hours longer than the count of a normal day. What was mysterious until I was eight years old became […]

Is It True?

By Diego Nascimento Yes! It is the plain truth that the intrigues still inhabit corridors and rooms around the world. My friends and mentors always share the issues that companies (and it does not matter if they are public, private, or third sector) face to “root out” the quarrels among peers, malicious comments in the […]

Shot in the dark

By Diego Nascimento Who has not had the sensation of running after something and, in the end, getting nowhere? How many companies and individuals invested heavily in projects and had the sensation of ‘dying on the beach’ or having kilos and kilos of unused material? Promising a million opportunities and delivering double on disappointments? The […]