by Diego Nascimento

Ancient accounts tell of the existence of King Arthur, the legendary monarch who revolutionized the management of a nation during a critical phase and invasion of Great Britain by the Saxons. Recognized for his grit and simplicity, Arthur gathered his knights (team) at a table called the Round Table inside of Camelot’s castle. As the name implies, the furniture had a circular shape. The reason is simple: to make sure everyone was on the same level to discuss, analyze,offer opinions, celebrate and share challenges.

Leadership is an interesting opportunity. Through leadership, reason and emotion merge or are separated according to what happens. I confess that I am an admirer of the sagas of King Arthur and have spent time analyzing whatcharacteristics made this monarch a great example. I will share my findings: 1) Purpose = objectivity and persistence were ingredients in all the actions of Arthur and his knights. 2)  Humility = even being the holder of one of the greatest ancient thrones of Europe, all the important decisions for the kingdom were analyzed as a team (the Round Table). 3)  Passion = Arthur loved his land and his people. He died on the field, fighting.

Do you who are reading this article have any kind of leadership in your work, family, school, university … If in a few years someone decided to write your biography, which stands that you took would be reported? The truth about the life and career of King Arthur is still debated among archaeologists, historians and journalists. Whether myth or reality, what is important is that this leader has left a mark of admiration and respect. Let’s do the same!

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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