by Diego Nascimento

It is for common companies to heavily invest in the team called “first line.”  It’s exactly what you are thinking:  Attendants, secretaries, phone operators, and salesmen who make up this team.  On numerous occasions I have had the chance to be served by professionals who do honor to the title and wear a company shirt, but not all of these stories have had happy endings.  The remaining stages of the sale of goods or of the rendering of services were managed by unprepared or even disinterested employees, who didn’t even make the slightest effort to meet the customer’s needs.  Large-scale results:  Dissatisfaction, the fall in demand and more room for competition. We need to understand that teamwork is, in fact, teamwork.  Employees who work behind the scenes ought to offer continuity to the service initiated by the first line. Gaining and keeping a client involves commitment and is not an easy task. It doesn’t help to “throw” the responsibility only on the customer service team. Whenever I talk about this theme, I remember a little boy who patiently spent all day building a beautiful sandcastle.  After a few minutes surveying his creation, that child was surprised by a group of young people who ruthlessly destroyed the sandcastle.  Sad, isn’t it? This is what occurs in certain sectors nowadays via the internet, by phone or face-to-face conversations.  Whether it is the first line or the behind the scenes workers, remember that all efforts are part of the whole and are important pieces in this complex puzzle. My tip for this week is:  Build, not destroy!

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