By Diego Nascimento

Routine is a part of the daily lives of people, whether at home or out and about. It is normal to get up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and head out to your workday, following a predetermined ritual of commute, greetings, schedule check, etc. .. But to what extent does routine touch your life, especially with regard to your professional career? I’m not asking you to change jobs.  Simply review your routines as they play out in your activities.  Could your writing style in that email be improved? Does your conversation with your teammates include subjects that really need to be discussed? Are the company meetings going well or should they be re-examined? Leave routine to where it is really needed. Make new ideas happen, restructure, gain insight and update other projects which provide opportunities for you, your colleagues and your company. Manage the potential. Bruce Tulgan, in “It’s Okay to be the Boss,” says that “Effective management is a lot like being in good physical shape: the hard part is getting in the habit of doing it every day no matter what obstacles come up.”  How about starting now? Make it happen! Time is flying by …

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