by Diego Nascimento*

I once talked with a person for a few minutes and walked away with a tremendous headache. The conversation was fine, but the excessive perfume caused a severe allergic reaction. Has that ever happened to you?  I’ve faced several (J), and I am beginning to realize daily how much professional politeness is a forgotten art by many.  It is important that we use good sense in our clothing style, our tone of voice and conversations that we have in the presence of customers, for example. With regard to what I said at the beginning, I confess that I am totally in favor of a pleasant aroma, as long as it is light. Women, in particular, are part of an audience that exudes elegance, but they need to be careful in the workplace, especially if the activity involves customer service to the public.  This ranges from appropriate make-up to choosing comfortable shoes that aren’t noisy for a team that requiresconcentration. How will you know if you have gone too far? Ask questions, listen and ask for help from someone who understands this. I am a man who admires good taste, and everyone who thinks like this will also recommend: Be careful with excesses.

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