by Diego Nascimento

Concentrating your efforts in your professional career in search of a promotion in the company does not hurt anyone; rather, it is a positive point in the track record of any person. Respect, common sense and ethics are some of the basic principles for leadership. Unfortunately, some people forget these rules and use their position of privilege to lead the team with “an iron rod,” literally using the promotion as a pedestal for unfortunate attitudes in light of their professional future, and in their daily lives even moving away from Biblical principles. I admire leaders who use their position as a way to encourage team spirit, honesty, solidarity and transparency. The book of Proverbs, chapter 3, verse 5 records an important rule for those who want to act with wisdom: “[…] lean not on your own understanding.” In short: ┬áBe careful with the pedestal, one misstep can have serious consequences.

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