By Diego Nascimento

Once I needed some information to complete the purchase of an electronic product.  The saleswoman complied with all the rules of good customer service, or rather, almost complied.  What was missing? In answering my last question about the guarantees of the equipment, she replied, “I think…”  This simple expression is able to delay and even compromise SALES OPPORTUNITIES.  When salesmen express, even indirectly, “I think…” they can demonstrate to the customer inconsistent information about the product and/or services of the company they work for.  No one is better able to present and defend an idea as the person responsible for customer service.  From now on try to analyze how you come across.  Replace “I think…” with “One moment, please… I will confirm this information,” or some other phrase that does not give a sense of doubt or insecurity.  The small details make a difference.Invest in your communication!

Consider:  Opportunities.  Consistency.  Ideas.

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