By Diego Nascimento

Some weeks back I attended a series of lectures where the main theme was Ethical and Knowledge-basedEntrepreneurship.  Hundreds of students were present and heard important considerations concerning what the marketplace expects of the PROFESSIONAL IN THE FUTURE. One of the things that caught my attention was regarding interpersonal relationships, a subject much debated in the corporative environment and target of constant INVESTMENTS on the part of companies.  At one particular moment, the lecturer cited an incredible thought: “If you cannot speak well of someone, it is better that you not say anything”.  Following this line of reasoning, consider:  We have an hourly/weekly workload dedicated to our professional activities.  Is it true during this time you are a source of harmony, SOLUTIONS and creativity or of grumblings concerning the organization or a colleague at work? BE CAREFUL with the words you use.  They can have a devastating effect when used in the wrong way, particularly in the corporate environment.  Stay far away from the sources of conflict.  What about replacing the complaints with SUGGESTIONS? I am sure that this second option will offer more opportunities and positive results!

Reflect:  Ethical. Future professional.  Solutions. Be careful.

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