by Diego Nascimento

Today I want to draw your attention to a striking phrase:  Be careful what you say!  Think once, twice … or as many times as necessary before you say something. Virtually everything in our lives involves dialogue. How you express your words can create opportunities or contribute to the creation of insurmountable barriers. It is not different in the workplace.  Be careful what you say to your colleagues and clients. There is the right time for a compliment, reprimand or even for those “stories” at the end of the day.  Who has not witnessed an “inappropriate comment” from someone during a meeting, class, get together or even just chatting with friends? Several communication articles and books offer tips on this important subject. The Bible itself records that“If anyone can master their tongue, it proves that he has perfect control over himself and everything else” – the book of James, Chapter 3, Verse 1–New Testament.  From a professional perspective, I wonder:  Have you managed your words in a wise way?Have you communicated consistent information about the products or services provided by your company? Are respect and common sense characteristic of the way you talk with your coworkers? Remember that small details make a big difference. Invest in your career!

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