Today I was looking for a document in that file or “box of mementos” that everyone has at home and ended up taking a trip back in time. I rediscovered my first written reports, articles, career guidance booklets, labels, disclosure materials … phew! The list is long, and I will save you from it (ha, ha…).

After a few hours in the past I traveled back to the future. This expression became very famous in the late ‘80s when Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and his assistant, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), starred in a film trilogy that Einstein only had a glimpse of.  Well, let’s talk about Hollywood in another article and reflect on the Professional Curriculum.

I have the habit of comparing our lives to a house:  the foundation needs to be very well prepared so the walls and the roof have a good support.Our journey in the workplace follows the same line. Everything has a beginning, and we call that the foundation phase. Courses, internships, other forms of learning are the most common components at this time. The first job is similar to a brick. Challenges and victories are very common and, from there, you can be sure that the “wall of opportunities” is under construction. The roof symbolizes stability. People see that word in different ways.  There is the freedom to do that.

Whatever the moment is in which you find yourself (at the base, walls or roof) keep in mind that although there is the right time for everything, nothing “falls from the sky.” The first step is yours. Make a habit to look back and evaluate how you got here. And now, back to the future, write down on a piece of paper what needs to be set to “build your house.”

Is everything in order? Congratulations! Is the work in progress or need repairs? Patience! Ask for help if necessary. There is always someone ready to help.

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