By Diego Nascimento

Facebook is a very interesting environment. I say this not only because of certain posts that I have seen, but by the way some people move away from the rules of writing. Writing a simple sentence, paragraph, or broader text requires respect for the basics of grammar and spelling. What is most surprising is that such slips are practiced by an incredible number of young people and adults (some even with academic degrees).

I want to make it clear that all people have limitations in certain areas. At the same time, I agree that the Portuguese language, in particular, offers a greater challenge because of the wide rules of syntax and so on. On the other hand, some small outbursts, tributes, thanks or any manifestations on social networks begs for careful attention.  The reason is simple: it is your image that is associated with the content. If you are a professional in the job market, the danger is even greater: the increase or decrease in credibility may also be associated with the way you write.

Learning is daily, and change is a choice. On the Internet, it is easy to find countless Portuguese tips (videos, audios, exercises …), and I venture to say that there are many people out there who prefer to “waste time” by swiping the screen of a cell phone for content that does not lead anywhere. If you know someone who fits into this “scary” scenario, suggest some training or experience. Do not be afraid to tell the truth for a good reason. ¬†Personal and professional growth involves sharpening as well as common sense.

Someone once asked me the best way to learn. My response included two words: repetition and discipline. Regularly producing small paragraphs will train your mind for debate, logic, grammar, etc … I do this in my mother tongue and in other languages I study. But this strategy will be worthless if there is no discipline or, getting straight to the point, creating a habit of exercising this writing ability. Ask for help when you need it and do not be shy; we are human, and we learn day after day!

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