By Diego Nascimento

This week I witnessed a strange thing. I acquired an electronic product, and I needed to return it under the service warranty. I followed the typical protocol and went to the store to register the complaint. While I was in the process of being waited on, one of the saleswomen came up to the employee who was speaking with me, and without any limits, complained about one of the coworkers, using words and expressions that were hardly pleasant. Little did she know that her coworker, the “target of the offenses,” was just a few meters away, delivering documents of a sale, which was routine and necessary in the busy position of that employee. PATIENCE and POSTURE would be essential characteristics for that saleswoman, but by the looks of things, they were quickly forgotten.

Just look at how the company image was damaged.  Never try to “bad mouth” the company or the work of one of your coworkers in front of the customers. The customers are there to receive assistance and not to be on the listening end of these things.  Watch your words and expressions. YOU can be responsible for new OPPORTUNITIES or for the building of barriers. There is a verse that says: “For out of the overflow of his heart the mouth speaks.”  Be careful:  After all, your name is your brand.


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