By Diego Nascimento

• “I’m buried in things to do …”
• “Call me later … my schedule is full …”
• “I wish the day had more than 24 hours …”

Have you heard those phrases before? Me too! They are common to professionals, students and even to those who already enjoy a good rest but are involved in the challenges of everyday life. There are several books and articles with tips on how to manage your time for a better quality of life.  I remember that when I was a teenager people said that computer technology would make things easier, and everything would be better; I think they are still hoping that will be the case.  Pure illusion!

After experiencing the “lack of time” and witnessing the despair of many people with the accumulation of tasks, I came to the conclusion that asking for help and delegating functions are the first steps in search of a professional pre-organization, whether it be academic or even a private agenda. Recognizing our limitations is the beginning of healing. I was a workaholic, and I know how it works. There were many abstinence crises before understanding the need for balance. Although I have advanced significantly, I still need to improve a lot.

The first suggestion for “unwinding” is to empower someone who can assist you in times of trouble. A trustworthy person who knows how to respect your boundaries and who is proactive enough to bring encouragement to your concerns. The second step is to organize each item, on an urgent, important, non-urgent, and less important scale. Finally, come to value simple things around you (even if it involves having a telephone conversation with a friend or family member). When we are busy to the extreme, we are apt to drive away the people who care the most about us.

The busy mind brings interesting results, but everything in excess is harmful and poses risks to our health in many ways. I would like to close by suggesting that you make a careful analysis of your TIME, and if despair is a feeling about to knock on your door, go ahead and ask for help!

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