By Diego Nascimento

A new week is beginning, and I want to throw out some questions: Are you ready to finish that project? Are you ready to share professional experiences with your team? Have you found a way to put into practice your entrepreneurial ideas? Whatever your short-term, interim, or long-term goals, remember that you must be ready for a journey of challenges as well as a harvest of victories. These two outcomes may appear separately or simultaneously. The Professional of the Future must be ready to accomplish spontaneous or routine missions. This involves being creative, proactive and having respect for your team, your company and for yourself. Once, in one of his speeches, businessman Abilio Diniz said “[…] life is a whole; life is composed of roles and actions, and it does not help a person to be good only on paper or only in his actions; he must be good in both.” Your professional training includes the areas of family life, education and also social life. How about being ready to inspire people with good ideas and motivation? The clock is ticking … start now!

Consider:  Entrepreneurial idea. Harvest of victories. Professional of the future. Creativity.

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