by Diego Nascimento

I remember that during my teenage years an interesting commercial was aired on all channels; in the advertisement, several people appeared in daily situations. The emphasis of the campaign was to raise awareness for the use of the famous “magic words” traditionally described as thank you, excuse me, sorry and please. Now think with me: for an action like this to get on TV, surely the etiquette passed through many people.  Did you ever want to be a part of this team? A clear example involves my work group. Daily, at the end of the workday, I make a point of thanking and wishing a good night to everyone. Even though professional activities are part of the job, I believe this is the sum of our efforts. And you? Do you thank your significant other?  Thankfulness is not only part of the corporate environment. It is present in the process of buying a little bread for breakfast, in the handshake of a client or even in the simplest show of support in your family. In one of his articles, the entrepreneur Tom Vander Ark said that: “A single word of thanks helps others to make a difference”.  And you? Have you already thanked someone today? Be a professional with etiquette.  The workplace needs this!

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