by Diego Nascimento

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “Don’t meddle where you have no business.”  If you have not had this “privilege,” just stay calm; your time will come. I know people who in seeking to solve a big problem make a suggestion and, unfortunately, get a real kick in the teeth.  But I also know of people who like to create intrigue and use their mouth as a very dangerous weapon.

I confess that I am totally opposed to the method of solving things by raising your voice.  Maintaining a calm voice is synonymous with balance. I agree that at times the situation gets out of control, but we must remain focused on serenity.  There are times when silence speaks for itself. One thing is certain:  never confuse calmness for lacking in authority. Actions can be taken without making any noise.

Getting back to the beginning of the article:  Is creating intrigues on the agenda of human beings? The answer is yes! But only of a group that insists on adding “fuel to the fire.” In a sense, wisdom also comes through counselors (but they have to be people who can actually add something to the issue. It’s enough to just look at their lives). If prudence and wisdom are companions in their daily lives, go for it.

We need to know the right time to talk, but also the ideal time to shut up.  So writes Dr. Michael D. Sedler in a book of the same name released in 2003. Dr. Sedler says, “It’s very difficult to balance insight and acting on impulse. In other words, there may be times when we feel the need to talk, but we realize that our motives are not pure.  And, realizing this, some of us choose to retreat and remain silent when the admonition and correction are needed.”

Whether you’re young, adult or savvy, know that you will not escape the dilemma of “Speak up or shut up.” The Bible itself suggests to us to act in silence when possible. In conclusion I want to say:  Observe and assess the situation before doing something.  Once upon a time a manuscript said that the tongue is like a two-edged sword, which cuts when entering and when leaving. If somehow someone has been moved to leave the “group of intrigues,” here’s the first step:  be careful!

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