by Diego Nascimento

or those of you who are reading this text now I have to share an interesting discovery: after researching the lives of great entrepreneurs in recent times I realized that, in most cases, women have exercised great influence on decision making.  Do you want any examples?  Just look deeper into the daily lives of Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford … and many others who are part of the development timeline.

I’ve had the chance to witness some “jokes” about the participation of women in the workplace.  As a manager and observer, I say we gain a lot from women’s famous “sixth sense” on issues ranging from the organization of the corporate environment to ways of handling customer service. Regardless of the position they hold, even in household chores, their dedication is remarkable. I agree that there are exceptions, but a considerable percentage has represented the group well.

Last week I gave five lectures in different segments. The age range of listeners ranged from 15 to 60 years. I confess that rates of participation and feedback from women outnumbered men (Let’s not stand back and do nothing, my noble colleagues, ha, ha ….).  I wanted to share this vision to show that everyone can contribute to the corporate environment.

I once talked with a businessman about why he chose to do something in a particular area of ​​trade. He said he had been inspired by his grandmother: the feeling of gratitude was so great that a network of establishments carries her name. And I know that at some point in your life the same thing has happened to you, right?

We live in a partnership context.  Men and women have their individual and group skills. Both have their worth and value. I have the chance, for the second time, to manage a team where 90% are women. What apparently is a challenge translates into a great honor and learning opportunity.

I will close by saying this:  unlike the famous saying, it is not behind every great man that there is a great woman, but actually she is at his SIDE.

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