By Diego Nascimento
Mastering English as a second language has allowed me to talk with professionals from various countries. In the midst of this cultural diversity I have discovered that there is a common feeling in this postmodern world, and it concerns my work colleagues regardless of nationality or geographical position: envy. This characteristic is more common than one might think. While we should have maturity in our speech and attitudes, we seem to be heading toward the abyss of doom. And you do not have to go far to prove it, I can assure you.

Mediocrity: That’s the word I use to characterize those who make envy a daily ally. This characteristic corrodes the soul, hurts the body. It celebrates disagreements and builds the most sordid scenarios at work and even at home. I wonder what fuels this emotion; we spend our lives running after the wind and are never satisfied with anything. The good news is that there is healing for this evil that has gone throughout the ages in human history and has guaranteed space in unimaginable places.

Envy is accompanied by pride, that sense of dominance that lamentably some professionals have. The great book of Proverbs, which I never tire of saying is part of the faithful and sacred basis of teachings for human relationships, records in chapter 14, verse 30, a profound warning: “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” As I said, emotional health can point the way to success or failure. The cure for “professional illnesses” is in humility, meekness and the search for examples in those who have given the greatest proof of love to others.

Do you know anyone with these symptoms? Although I know your answer, I suggest you act with mercy in such cases. But know that no one is innocent enough to be an occasional practitioner of this feeling who has destroyed careers and even families. If there is an opening, talk about it. Otherwise, just watch. With each passing day the job market closes for people who like to be mediocre.

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