by Diego Nascimento

I daily analyze the changes in marketing locally, regionally and even internationally. Many companies go to great lengths to invest in promotions; others hold back in this regard. Regardless of the amount of money dedicated to this endeavor, I want to address a concern of mine:  the institutional image.

I often see brands/sponsors or designated commercials, programs and events that do not reach the target audience for potential sales. Marketing actions are not born by chance; they must be the result of hard thinking, analysis and conversation. I often say that in the world of communication 2 + 2 = 5. There will always be a way to combine creativity with common sense.

The distribution of information in a pamphlet, the design of a billboard, the text that fills a website are some of the details observed by those who might become a customer. Always remember the saying, “The first impression is the lasting impression.”

Again, regardless of the company size, always do your best, even if the promotion is for Facebook or Twitter, for example. The speed of dissemination of these media outlets is much larger and, in certain cases, you cannot correct the error.

People need to feel trust and credibility in promoting products or services. Never associate your brand to situations that may stir up discomfort. And remember this:  it’s not only companies that are become subject to promotions; professionals as well.  Attitudes and words are taken seriously by senior management, colleagues and recruiters.

Want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

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