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Writing and the Workplace

By Diego Nascimento

Digital communication is making gains more and more each day. The electronic Post Office, traditionally called e-mail, is a necessary tool for companies, whether it be for communication between departments or with your customers. Each step of the communication process involves a very important person: YOU! Your habit of reading and your ability towrite can be responsible for a “smooth” text that follows the grammatical rules or for a set of words that can blacken the company’s image in which you work, even if it is indirectly.  Assisting people inside and outside of the company is a serious matter that needs to be a Personal Investment Goal. Your communication with people combines all of these actions, be it verbal or in writing. When responding via e-mail or even on a simple piece of paper, think:

1) Is the message clear, is it easy to understand?

2) Are the grammatical rules (punctuation, accents, verbs…) correct?

3) Will your professional/company image be well represented through your communication via e-mail?

Your career is built on a series of basic elements in the workplace. One of them is Writing. If you have been accomplishing your digital communication in a proficient manner, Congratulations! If you are still in a learning phase, it is time to concentrate your efforts.  Do you want a hint for beginners? Read! Seek out articles, magazines and good books for their excellent use of words and thought provoking presentation of ideas.  Invest your time! Start now!

So, what do you think ?