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Opening Date

By Diego Nascimento

It was Monday morning in that great city. For weeks, media outlets announced the opening date of the venture that would bring diversified products, an enviable service and unrivaled prices. Whoever passed by the huge building was perplexed by the gigantic queues, not to mention who had seen the sun rising there to secure the first places. At the appointed hour the doors opened and feelings were mixed: satisfaction on one side, disappointment on the other. The smiles were the result of an apparent price advantage, and the twisted noses came from a realization that the long wait had offered nothing different.

The above account is not a mere coincidence, but a practical analogy of what happens in our lives. At each turn of the calendar we mark an “Opening Date” for (positive) changes in employment, studies, relationships … and everything repeats itself each December 31. There are several factors that influence not meeting the established goals, but I guarantee that lack of discipline is the main pillar. In the lectures on Personal Marketing, I make it clear that the good presentation is not just a kind of makeup or clothing label. The professional of the futureknows how to explore determination, and people like this tend to fly high regardless of the turbulence that everyday life offers.

Recently I talked to a girl during an international consultancy. She was distressed, discouraged, and about to give up. In addition to recommending specialized medical followup, I made use of my knowledge of communication and interpersonal relationships to somehow diagnose potential challenges in the day to day of the young woman. I quickly realized that the struggle was directly connected to a lack of discipline. Have you ever seen it in this context or, perhaps, have you lived with it?

The most important company of all time is our life. In addition to being unique, its name is the stamp that discloses the investments that are made in it. I once heard that “it is wrong to learn”, but choosing to be uncertain or insisting on error are amateur and immature choices. King Solomon recorded in Proverbs 18: 9 that “he that is negligent in his work is also the brother to a great waster.”

So be careful when launching the “Opening Dates.” In addition to creating expectations, remember that there are people waiting for you!

So, what do you think ?