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Google has Failed

By Diego Nascimento

Calm down! You’ll be able to do your school or professional search on Google’s search engine today. The failure to which I refer is Google Plus, the social network of this giant of Silicon Valley that gave Mark Zuckerberg (one of Facebook’s founders) sleepless nights.  Launched in 2011, the little-known interaction platform is far from leading the ranking of hits in the world and its future is still uncertain. But what do I, Diego Nascimento, intend to teach through computer technology? Keep reading and you will understand.

Entrepreneurship is linked to mistakes and successes. The fact that an individual or a corporation has ample financial resources does not always bring success as the end result. Could it be that Zuckerberg and his friends imagined that the social network developed in college could reach such highs? I venture to say no, but the business strategy is constantly revised so that adjustments happen whenever necessary. Obviously, this also happens in Google, however, the purchase of Orkut in the first decade of the 21st century showed that the company wanted to expand its business (and still wants to). A lot of good and functionality came about:  Gmail, Google Drive and so many other features that literally made life easier for many people. But where is the failure in all of this?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the company will still be market leaders for a reasonable amount of time, although changes in society’s behavior are giving a lot of work to the developers and marketing team. Who has not noticed the change in layout and functionality when upgrading applications? This is more than necessary for survival, however, the prudence and determination demanded in the digital world or any other business are also important items for you, reader of this article. Why?

Qualification is mandatory for anyone. I admire those who invest time in reading, courses and sound discourses that bring knowledge. I also applaud those who believe in dreams and seek to put them into practice, but understand that you cannot “embrace the world” by wanting to dominate all areas or take risks out of context. In addition to the physical (tiredness) and emotional reflexes, the financial loss can also come in the package. I repeat: Entrepreneurship involves successes and mistakes, but each step needs to be properly calculated. That’s why I encourage specialization, that is, the focus on a particular product and service. Do you know Coca-Cola for producing a well-known soft drink or mineral water line? Do you understand now where I want to go?

As for Google: it is more than certain that the company will grow even more, however, the last 10 years have already shown that they are not the exclusive owners of the social network (at least for now). Sometimes it is necessary to stop, take a breath, recognize the flaws, reevaluate the strategies and move on. If Google is susceptible to misunderstanding, imagine you and me?

Take your limitations and change the route if necessary. There is still time!

So, what do you think ?