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Five Steps to Abandon the Brazilian Knack

by Diego Nascimento

Every day that passes I realize how there are people who still suffer from a lack of focus, discipline and organization. I always hear people complaining that we need to improve in so many areas, and, in fact, it’s true. The famous Brazilian knack” is a seemingly innocent expression, but, in the end, it is dangerous andtreacherous.

It is in the rhythm of this way of doing things” that many projects are half done, some machines have problems after a revision, that door does not close due toa screw out of place, that subject is not taught the way it should be taught; in the end… the list is huge. Thinking about this, I would like to suggest five important steps to drop the “Brazilian way of doing things.”

  • Stay focused:Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today (preferably now).
  • Start, finish:  Never leave anything half done.  Establish a beginning, middle and end.
    • Be practical:  I know people who prefer to justify situations based on endless theories.  Take responsibility for your error and try not to mess up again.
    • Value your career:  Be guided only by truth and invest in professional training.  Learning opportunities are increasingly closer to the people. We always haves something to learn.
    • Read a lot: Reading allows training of the mind to correct writing, extensive arguments and extensive vocabulary.

Our culture is very rich, and we need to appreciate that. However, some myths need to be abandoned. Do your best to avoid the phrase, “It’s good enough, leave it like that” or “No problem, we’ll make it work”. If we do not take the first step, we shall find it hard to grow and develop. The workplace yearns for future professionals. Spread this idea.

Do you want to share your experiences? Feel free. I’m ready to listen!

So, what do you think ?