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Secret Revealed

by Diego Nascimento

It was amid the cornfields that the young Clark grew up. The adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, the boy literally fell from heaven and received care from a couple of farmers living in the US state of Kansas. Throughout his youth Clark was a shy boy who spoke little and was a homebody.  In the transition to adult life he discovered his mission and, from water to wine, out of the silence came one of the best known heroes of the planet. In his lifetime he ascended podiums of justice and spoke for peace in humanity.

That’s right, you’re thinking; this is a brief summary of the life of Superman, the hero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933. If we were to take all the alien powers from Clark, we would find an ordinary man of humble origins who came out of the countryside to face life as a journalist for the Daily Planet. In the movies we have an image of a bumbling reporter who after donning his blue and red uniform is able to break paradigms and face the worst enemies.

I know people who see public speaking as a terrifying monster. The simple invitation to present a school project, discuss a report on the company or read a poem in public causes despair. They begin to feel itchy, dizzy and almost on the verge of a heart attack. If you fit this profile, I want to tell you a secret:  there is a cure!

Public speaking goes beyond formal events such as lectures or sermons. It involves conversations indoors and even casual chats with friends. No doubt there are people who are born with this ability to speak easily; others need to get the right training to develop their oral expression, body language and quick thinking.  Just like the young Clark Kent, we need to face our “enemies” who, for some reason, keep us from reaching greater heights in our professional career.  I wrote down a few steps to make public speaking your daily partner:

  •  Leave fear outside: have an attitude.
    • Assume responsibilityfor your limitations and ask for help.
    • Seek out trainingin this area. We live in the information age and have avenues for self-help.
    • Read: the more knowledge you have, the more power you have to persuade.
    • Get out of your comfort zone: take the first step!

Now it is important to note Superman always had to transform to appear in public. When everything seemed to be in order, Clark returned back to his normal routine as a reporter. This is not necessary for you: just ​​be yourself! Run after perfection, but keep the values ​​and principles that govern your life. Remember: Public speaking is not just having a commanding voice. It’s being able to communicate with those who collect diplomas as well as those who never had the chance to attend school.

Farewell Letter

by Diego Nascimento

It seems like only yesterday we met. We celebrated our joys and shared periods of sadness.  We were faithful companions in study, work and even in fun. I made sure to stay close to you whether it was day or night. Somehow years together have ended like this:  like the flame of a candle.  But life is like this: a beginning, a middle and an end. Forgiveness is very important, but I will understand if it is not possible.  I will go forward and seek someone else who can fill this space in my heart.  I will conclude these brief lines with my goodbye. Signed: Complacent

What a farewell letter, right? It could easily be the reality in the lives of many people around the world.   Complacency is responsible for the delay or stalling of projects in both young people and adults, regardless of culture or geographic location. It is natural for human being, at times, to make the excuse of “letting it go.” I agree that we all need time to breathe at times, but this cannot be become the rule. The clock is ticking, and the minutes are lost.

I want to make a quick invitation:  How about stopping for a moment and thinking of something that you could have achieved but did not because of laziness? If this moment of self-reflection shows that there is still time to complete something, do it. If not, I suggest you reflect and not let that happen again. The Bible itself teaches in Colossians 3:23 that, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto the Lord, not for men.” A quote attributed to Peter Druker says, “We cannot predict the future, but we can create it.”

I will conclude by saying that large plans come from small actions.  If complacency is knocking at your door, do not let it come in. It will not be a good visit no matter how pleasant it may try to appear. Keep moving forward!

Steal this Idea

by Diego Nascimento
Leadership is a seemingly simple characteristic, but it requires a carefulness from those who practice it. Observation, concentration, teamwork and ethics are part of the basic list of requirements. Throughout life you will find two groups of people: the first think that leadership is a big deal; the second sees that word as a chance to makes things better, always.

Now what do you think? Are human beings born with the ability to lead or do they develop it over many years? If we search for an answer to this on Google, we will find different opinions. But I still say (and I know some colleagues agree with me) that people are born with what I call a seed of leadership. Many choose to water and fertilize this ability while others prefer to keep it dormant, either because of discomfort or fear. The truth is that, at some point in life, we need to put leadership into action. This happens at home, at work, in choosing a place to live, purchasing a car or in emergencies.

A few weeks ago I witnessed something at a student meeting. My friend was assigned to give a speech and explain the way a conversational activity was going to happen. The audience included people from many countries. Even with the cultural and linguistic diversity, she gave a great example of mastering the information, balancing her tone, proper body posture and compliance with the rules. I made sure to watch every detail. I was seeing a great leader. While she is still working towards graduation, I’m sure that soon she will assume positions where decision making is the rule of thumb, and I know she will do an excellent job, as she has already done.

My goal today is to invite you to read this article and understand that leadership is a necessity. Regardless of the position you occupy, remember that, at some point, you have to make a choice. Never leave undone opportunities to help or facilitate a group. Attitudes like this may surprise those who are around you.

I would like to conclude by saying:  I did not write the title of this text to encourage something illegal; on the contrary, if you have found something worthwhile in these lines, take it with you.  Good ideas need to be shared. Selfishness is far from the characteristics of a good leader.


by Diego Nascimento

Recently the world was shaken by one of the biggest scandals of the year:  Volkswagen, the traditional manufacturer of cars all over the world, took responsibility for fraudulent reports that showed emission of pollutant gases into the atmosphere, according to the national and international media who stressed that the problem may affect several vehicles of the German company.  Martins Winterkorn, CEO/president of Volkswagen, resigned.

I will give you several good examples that this is not an option; it is an obligation. Leaders and followers assume the joint function of actions that reflect positively or negatively on the brand of a company before the community.  Which one would you prefer? Clearly, the positive but even so a quick walk through of physical shops or even online is able to show a sad reality:  business ethics are still not upheld by many people.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to speak on the topic during a class at the University of Northern Iowa (USA). The auditorium included representatives from five countries. All, without exception, agreed with the need for a massive campaign on the impact of ethics and morality in organizational procedures. This is also one of the issues advocated by researcher and writer JM Moreira in his book Business Ethics in Brazil, published by Pioneer Publisher.

I often say that ethics begins at home, in attitudes towards my family. We can consider this a “company” that requires extreme care and management guided by transparency and dialogue. Whatever the challenge we find in our laps, remember, trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.  Avoid turbulence.

Act in silence

by Diego Nascimento

Surely you’ve heard the phrase “Don’t meddle where you have no business.”  If you have not had this “privilege,” just stay calm; your time will come. I know people who in seeking to solve a big problem make a suggestion and, unfortunately, get a real kick in the teeth.  But I also know of people who like to create intrigue and use their mouth as a very dangerous weapon.

I confess that I am totally opposed to the method of solving things by raising your voice.  Maintaining a calm voice is synonymous with balance. I agree that at times the situation gets out of control, but we must remain focused on serenity.  There are times when silence speaks for itself. One thing is certain:  never confuse calmness for lacking in authority. Actions can be taken without making any noise.

Getting back to the beginning of the article:  Is creating intrigues on the agenda of human beings? The answer is yes! But only of a group that insists on adding “fuel to the fire.” In a sense, wisdom also comes through counselors (but they have to be people who can actually add something to the issue. It’s enough to just look at their lives). If prudence and wisdom are companions in their daily lives, go for it.

We need to know the right time to talk, but also the ideal time to shut up.  So writes Dr. Michael D. Sedler in a book of the same name released in 2003. Dr. Sedler says, “It’s very difficult to balance insight and acting on impulse. In other words, there may be times when we feel the need to talk, but we realize that our motives are not pure.  And, realizing this, some of us choose to retreat and remain silent when the admonition and correction are needed.”

Whether you’re young, adult or savvy, know that you will not escape the dilemma of “Speak up or shut up.” The Bible itself suggests to us to act in silence when possible. In conclusion I want to say:  Observe and assess the situation before doing something.  Once upon a time a manuscript said that the tongue is like a two-edged sword, which cuts when entering and when leaving. If somehow someone has been moved to leave the “group of intrigues,” here’s the first step:  be careful!

Come What May

by Diego Nascimento

A few days ago I received a magazine that talked about achieving your dreams. Everyone has at least one dream in life. Bookstores are filled with material that deals with entrepreneurship, investments, courses and so on. But I confess to you that something about this concerns me in this world revolution: the family.

We chase after a lot of things but without analyzing the impact this can have on those around us.  My parents are a great example to me. I always try to walk in a way that the principles and values ​​that I received from them are upheld, whatever the decision that I need to take, in or out of the office. For a married person it is interesting that this mindset also can affect the spouse and children.

I often say that a good professional is shaped by a “perfect 10.” In addition to courses and corporate experiences, the emotional balance is highly valued today. I have some friends who, unfortunately, are so eager to reach the podium in the workplace that they end up hurting their family relationships, and it takes a long time to recoup the main “business of life.”

What is your goal today? Be it a new job, buying a car, a banking investment or a personal decision, take care that your family base is not shaken. My experience has shown that most daily challenges and even missteps happen in “your home,” with those who will be there to smile and cry with you. Have they participated in your dreams, in your journey? Has sincerity has been the foundation of your family life when you decide to invest in a new goal?

A beautiful mind created the following sentence: “No other success in life can compensate for the failure of the family”. If we analyze this deeply, we realize this statement is not just limited to the world of work.  Act prudently. I guarantee that your parents or spouse believes and is betting on you.  Your life is the result of an investment and a lot of sweat. Do not disappoint them, no matter what!

Speed ​Limit

by Diego Nascimento

Last week the magazine Exame published an article which deals with working hours. Throughout the text the article offered examples of people who are dedicated to working 10 to 12 hours a day. It is in this regard that I want to talk to you and have full disclosure:  I am in this group.

I have totally embraced the culture of being “connected 24 hours a day” and, without realizing it, I was stuck in a cycle where other areas of my life were being left behind.  Being aware of that delicate balance, I made a very important decision:  to establish a “speed limit” and also beg forgiveness of the victims of my rat race.

I do a lot of things, and I don’t try to hide them from anyone. But I confess that the Diego of today is very, very different from the Diego of the past. I came to understand that the 24 hours allotted on our watches must be used strategically.  I was able to organize ALL of my activities and in turn give more time for my family and friends, for example. And my dreams? They continue to grow at full speed in my mind and heart. Many have come true, and others will bear fruit with patience.

I do not want to correct our colleagues who, in some cases, need to stay longer than normal to get the job done. I know that certain occupations and projects require additional effort. But understand that this cannot be the rule for your whole life.  There is someone needing your attention, you can be sure.

Once I expressed my admiration for the book of Proverbs. Ecclesiastes is another book which offers very wise tips. Chapter 3, verse 1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”  What does that mean?  The answer is simple:  we can work, seek entertainment, reach goals and do much more if we are managing our time properly.  But remember that the first step is yours.

More than 50 countries will be reached by this text, in Portuguese and English (Google Analytics will not let me lie, lol ..). I say this because topublish this material in different cultures, readers will have a chance to stop for a moment and reflect on the “speed limit.”  In addition to being a necessary and sound decision, I will conclude this thought with one of the biggest statements I have made so far:  It’s so worth it!

I’m Disappointed

by Diego Nascimento

It is common for the word disappointment to invade our lives. It usually arrives unannounced and in ways that grieve the heart. I want to share something that happened to me last month. If you’re part of the group of people who get emotional easily, I suggest you stay calm and grab a box of tissues.

I had to make a long trip. During the trip I opted for a break to rest in a traditional snack bar/restaurant chain. I had just eaten lunch and it was already nearing the late afternoon. I took the plate and chose a cheese bread. I was hungry and wanted to buy the whole store out. In the distance I saw a slice of creamy cake; it was love at first sight and soon it was already on my plate. Quietly I walked over to the employee responsible for the cash register, and then started to bite into the cheese bread. Seconds before I took another bite of the cake I heard a female voice say, “Sir, please forgive me, but I will need to take your cake back. It’s not fit to be served.” When I looked more closely at that piece of cake I realized that the bottom was green with mold and stains. As that piece was no longer available, I was directed to get something else in its place for the same price.

I will not hide my disappointment. My attempt to stave off hunger was frustrated by the lack of professionalism of the team in charge of snacks and groceries.   Soon after this happened I continued on my trip, and I thought to myself:  that was a good example of a “small” flaw which could become a “big” challenge.  Imagine how many items acquired in recent days which were not fit to be sold. The Consumer Protection Body (PROCON) receives daily complaints about various problems in delivery service and defective products. If we took a survey, we probably would discover unfortunate cases of what I call “scheduled disrespect.” The definition is simple:  It’s when a person or company sells something different from what is disclosed, especially if the product or service is not in a usable condition.

Beware of the transmission of information if your work is in an office, for example. Never sell something defective if the client is unaware of the fact. This becomes even more serious when the seller on “the other side of the counter” knows about the problem. In the story I told about the cake there is a positive point:  The employee who noticed the mold on my piece was proactive and warned me about it. She could have just let it go, but, instead, the girl chose not to be an accomplice in this failure.

As an advocate of Corporate Communications and best practices of Professional Ethics and Conduct I could not let this situation go unchallenged. I wanted to share this seemingly simple case so that we could understand that our eyes need to be increasingly attentive to everyday situations. I will close by saying this:  Do your best, wherever you are.

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How to Spot a Liar

by Diego Nascimento

Truths and lies pass through the lives of everyone. Whether at work, in relationships, in buying and selling endeavors or with a simple compliment we can shake hands sincerely or find ourselves in very sad situations.  Therefore, some simple steps can save your skin (ha, ha …).

I am a fan of communication, and I do not hide it from anyone. Very early I began my studies and observations of how people communicate through body language.  I discovered that we can spot liars through their glances, tone of voice, gestures and the way they present information during a conversation.

Some companies have trained professionals, especially in the recruitment sector, for a deeper analysis of a candidate for a given position. In its most recent publication launched by Cultrix, Dr. David Craig, international expert on lie detection techniques, says that “the goal of lies for their own benefit is to promote or protect the person telling the lie.”  He divides this act among four motivations:  1) Avoid embarrassment, 2) Make a good impression, 3) Take advantage and 4) Avoid guilt.

I know people who run from the truth to justify a mistake at work. I’ve seen people tell lies in search of a momentary thrill. Others tell lies of omission in a situation in an attempt to solve a problem that sooner or later could become a storm. None of these situations leave people with aclear conscience.

Once I was told of a person who was very ill and unable to go to work. I am aware of how important their health was, and I offered to help and wanted to do even more. To my surprise, that day I saw this individual walking through the city, seemingly carefree, and apparently in sterling health.  It’s complicated, isn’t it?

Dr. Craig stresses that “When someone tells a lie and is questioned more deeply, usually they need to invent an increasing number of lies to support the previous one. This increases the emotional charge and hence the number of outward signs of the lie.”

If you started reading this article thinking that I would describe a “secret,” sorry to say that wasn’t the case. To develop this skill requires a lot of training, study and observation. It would be risky to list some items as if it were a recipe for a cake.

I conclude by saying this:  At work always speak with truthfulness, sincerity and accuracy. In other areas I suggest you put these all together in a “package of prudence.” Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Your life is very valuable; priceless!