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Discipline and Your Career

By Diego Nascimento

Last weekend I did a series of physical exercises as part of the project “Good Health”.  With the goal of maintaining my form, I decided to change my food menu along with walking and going to the gym.   But it is important to consider that if there is no DISCIPLINE, my project would just “go under”.  Changing subjects, let me ask you:   How is your discipline in the work environment? Have you been accomplishing all of your duties all day long? Are common sense andPUNCTUALITY part of your regimen?  Being proactive, united and sincere are fundamental elements for daily activities; what about adding discipline to your group of VALUES and principles? The book of Proverbs, which embraces precious teachings linked to the managerial world and communication, says that “there is a right time for everything”.  In the same way, make DISCIPLINE your companion and watch how everything becomes much easier in your CAREER!

Reflect:  Discipline.  Punctuality.  Values.  Career.

Be Careful with Your Words

By Diego Nascimento

Some weeks back I attended a series of lectures where the main theme was Ethical and Knowledge-basedEntrepreneurship.  Hundreds of students were present and heard important considerations concerning what the marketplace expects of the PROFESSIONAL IN THE FUTURE. One of the things that caught my attention was regarding interpersonal relationships, a subject much debated in the corporative environment and target of constant INVESTMENTS on the part of companies.  At one particular moment, the lecturer cited an incredible thought: “If you cannot speak well of someone, it is better that you not say anything”.  Following this line of reasoning, consider:  We have an hourly/weekly workload dedicated to our professional activities.  Is it true during this time you are a source of harmony, SOLUTIONS and creativity or of grumblings concerning the organization or a colleague at work? BE CAREFUL with the words you use.  They can have a devastating effect when used in the wrong way, particularly in the corporate environment.  Stay far away from the sources of conflict.  What about replacing the complaints with SUGGESTIONS? I am sure that this second option will offer more opportunities and positive results!

Reflect:  Ethical. Future professional.  Solutions. Be careful.

The Professional Road: A Journey of Choices

By Diego Nascimento

Last week I gave a lecture about Communication to a group of university graduates.  Before saying anything in relation to the topic, I asked the students to imagine the following scene:  In a certain region there were two roads.  The first, paved and full of attractions, was wide and had various forms of entertainment.  Although it was a pleasant road, it ended up as a dead end.  The second path, contrary to the first one, was hard to access, had obstacles and steep hills, however, at the end of the journey a great reward awaited the PILGRIMS who PERSISTED on their walk.

Actually this illustration portrays the story of our PROFESSIONAL careers.   Which road are you taking? Through the first path, amid the ease of life that takes us to compromise and apathy or by second path, which symbolizes the  arduous walk of the proactive professional, who chooses to go up the hill ofPERSISTENCE and whose INTEGRITY obtains good results?

I agree that your professional development involves a series of factors, but you have the power to choose your ATTITUDES.  The business world is watching your steps.  Be attentive!

Reflect:  Professional. Persistence. Integrity. Choice. 

Emotions at Work

By Diego Nascimento

Perhaps you might ask yourself:  Is it possible to work every day with a good attitude, even though you encounter challenges in life outside of the workplace?  I know that this is a difficult question to respond to, but we need to understand that there are LIMITS.  Family misunderstandings, fights with loved ones and other situations can leave you unmotivated in your professional daily life.  I know people who can handle this type of thing really well, but on the other hand there are individuals who “carry the load of irritation” to the office, out in the field, at a lecture, in a sales meeting or other events in your day-to-day life.  The result?  Lack of empathy, gossip, plots and schemes, and client dissatisfaction.  It’s clear that emotions are a part of our HISTORY; after all, we are human.  In my JOURNEY, I have seen how outward circumstances influence the course of work activities.  For this reason, I would suggest that you analyze your attitudes and try to determine if there is any connection between your personal challenges and your duties at your company.  In one of his articles, Professor Reinaldo Polito said: “Know everything you can know about the technical aspects of your job, but don’t forget to take into account one of the most relevant factors – behavior.”   I agree that “each case is different”; as that is the case, TALK with someone whom you trust and ask for GUIDANCE.  Some employers already have professionals who are prepared for this type of situation, ready to help.  Therefore, invest in your CAREER and enjoy the good moments of your life.

Reflect:  Limits.  Professional.  Career.  Opinion.

It’s Not My Job

By Diego Nascimento

Today I will be speaking with regard to a fictional movie I watched a few months ago.  I will make some changes in order to accommodate our understanding with respect to the theme.  The video tells the story of a group of workers at a service provider.  On a certain day, a man was walking on the sidewalk in front of that organization.  He lit a cigarette and threw the match on the grass.   Within a matter of seconds a small spark ignited.  The receptionist of the business, upon seeing what was happening through the window, decided to tell the supervisor of her department.  She dialed his extension letting him know about the spark and potential fire.  His response was immediate, “I am really sorry, but resolving these types of questions is not my part of my job.  I will transfer you to the extension of the manager who will be able to resolve your problem.”  The manager listened attentively to the request of the supervisor, but he responded in the same way, “Thank you for letting me know about this, but unfortunately this is not part of my responsibilities, and I will need to pass this message on to our board.”  And so this pattern repeated itself throughout various sectors, until the little spark turned into a fire, at which point they needed the help of the Fire Department. As it is easy to see, this short story would have a different ending if some of the people involved would have had the INITIATIVE to resolve the problem soon after it started.  You have probably experienced something just like this, you know?  In that case, the spark could represent a phone call or a question that wasn’t answered fully, with the justification that “it’s not my job.”  It is clear that we all have limits to our responsibilities in our jobs where we work, however, there are EVENTUALITIES in our jobs where a TEAM is fundamental.  Is this you?  Have you built a good impression of your workplace through your ATTITUDE about the small things?  Invest in your career!

Reflect:  Initiative.  Attitudes.  Team.

Your Name, Your Brand

By Diego Nascimento
In the article for today I want to suggest an exercise:  What’s the first thing that comes to other people’s mind when your name is mentioned?  Could it be that they think of you as the ultimate PROFESSIONAL, ready to give and add to the team effort, or is your name a reflection of grumpiness and unwillingness to work together?  You know that in the CORPORATE WORLD these characteristics are observed critically and can define your future in the company  or even open up other OPPORTUNITIES.  Your name is your BRAND and it deserves total PASSION.   Your brand is revealed through ATTITUDES, through EXAMPLE.  Even if your name is not an entry in an encyclopedia or magazine, you need to understand that in your sphere of relationships someone is watching you.  How about influencing people positively?  In your workplace do you make a DIFFERENCE or are you just “another guy” in your department?  To make a mark in your professional journey, it isn’t just that you dream up the next big project or that you revolutionize the sales strategy; being punctual, supportive and using common sense are also some of the ingredients.  In one of his articles, the businessman Abílio Diniz says, “Today I want to be better than I was yesterday, and tomorrow I want to be better than I am today.”  Invest in your career and make a difference.

Think about it:  Corporate World.  Brand.  Example.

Communicating and Sowing

By Diego Nascimento

Last month we were surprised by the “Supermoon” phenomenon.   According to the star gazers, as seen from the Earth the star grew in its size and luminosity.  The result was that it came closer to our planet, which occurs every 18 years.  Now, analyzing this example through a professional lens:  As time has passed have you invested in your career, which has allowed you to have an EXPANSION of opportunities and a greater luminosity of the POSITIVE characteristics produced in your daily life?  Don’t act superior, but act as a CATALYST, capable of infusing your environment with MOTIVATION and INTEGRITY.  If you see a way to do things more effectively on your team, communicate that.  If the place where you work needs innovation, plant the ideas of change, having as a basis a managerial dialogue, respecting the chain of command at your workplace.  In the song, Good Earth, composed by the team of Alma and Lua, there is a verse that says:  “I want to be good earth for the seeds to germinate, give good fruit and take the good news….in the paths that I have to walk through, I will leave a trace of light.”   Have you been a sower or harvester of the opportunities in your work environment?  Think on this.

Think about it:   Catalyst.  Growth.  Communicate. Sow.

Customer service and quality

By Diego Nascimento

Some years ago my family bought a cordless phone to replace an old device in our living room.  On the first day, there were complaints about the PERFORMANCE of the equipment, and it was necessary to return the device within the same week.  Although this is considered a normal event in the world of electronics, my family was left with a bad IMPRESSION about the EFFECTIVENESS of the equipment.  In the Houaiss Dictionary, one meaning of the word QUALITY is translated as “superior characteristic or distinctive positive attribute that makes someone or something stand out from others; virtue.”  The most interesting thing is that this is not a trait reserved for products. CUSTOMERS are watching you all the time, wherever you are working.  Your conduct in the organizational environment is capable of transmitting TRUST or DOUBT in a person who seeks it; for example, taking a phone message with accurate and complete information.  Let QUALITY be a mandatory characteristic in yourPROFESSIONAL LIFE.  Create OPPORTUNITIES!

Taking care of customers

By Diego Nascimento

I have had the opportunity to talk to many people who complain about the lack of customer service when it comes to some businesses.  What is most interesting is that they did not complain about the quality or availability of the products; these testimonies reflected SERVICE failures.  This is a perfect illustration: “Once a man needed to acquire a part for his vehicle.  Some friends recommended  an auto store in town.  When the man went to the store,  he waited a long time for a salesman to come and help him with his purchase, but the salesman never came.  After many minutes of waiting, he gave up and went away frustrated.”  Who makes the sale in this case?  The competition!

And you?  What are you doing in your company?  According to Professor Fabiano Bianchi Silva in the book Managing People, “Attitudes are mirrors of your thoughts – positive or negative – in relation to objects, people or events.  They reflect how an individual feels about something.  When I say ‘I like my job,’ I am expressing my attitude about my work.”

Customers are the most important target of your daily work.  A reduction in customers can contribute to the extinction of your JOB.  Sales are a result of teamwork and excellent communication, fast and complete!  Think about it!

Consider:  Attendance.  Attention.  Customers.  Employment.


By Diego Nascimento
It is a tradition on New Year’s Eve for many people to make a list of resolutions for the next 365 days.  Some goals are faithfully carried out, and others are postponed for a better time. Today’s article is about an individual campaign, for which I would suggest the theme of CHANGE. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking! CHANGES are part of professional development. Change your mood: set anger aside and let your customers and your coworkers enjoy your smile and friendliness.  Change your statements: let go of complaints and offer solutions. Change your vision: identify opportunities rather than defects. Change your script: invest in creativity and maintain focus with colleagues in your company. I once heard a saying: “Success is more attitude than aptitude.” Analyze what can be changed in your daily work and, at the same time, provide good results for your team and company. Change!